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Monday, January 26th, 2015

RE: Automatically create hundreds of monetized blogs.

Dear Friend,

At last you can quickly create an army of powerful, potent, cash generating blogs without writing a word yourself.  In fact you're just going to fill in a few blanks and pushing a button!

When you're done you'll have a ton of free little blogs all pulling in cash from ads, banners and affiliate links - and you'll have made them all automatically and with very little effort!

This Push-Button System is Like Nothing You've Seen Before...

Maybe you've come across some of the 'blogging for cash' systems that are hawked all over the Internet and discovered that you have to spend hours writing unique content just to claw a few cents out of a banner program.

Are you tired of reading about so-called 'sure-fire' methods of making money only to find they don't really live up to your expectations?

And if you've come across auto-blogging systems before you'll have soon discovered they turn out terrible looking, non-unique content that is obviously automatically generated.

The Secret to Auto Blogging Success Revealed...

Imagine waking up in a couple of weeks time, not to the sound of the alarm clock, but when you are rested and ready to take on the day.

Now imagine, strolling 30 feet to your home office, firing up your computer and checking your stats and discovering you've earn't a load of commissions and driven a ton of traffic to your main sites.

The Fact is YOU CAN!  And If You Read On I'll Tell You EXACTLY HOW This 'Push-Button' System Works...

When most people have a 'system' for this kind of thing they shroud it in secrecy and only give you clues as to how it achieves what they say.

That is where this is different.

In the next few minutes I am going to reveal EXACTLY what you have to do, how easy it is and show you  this amazing software gets results and WHY.

In a nutshell this is a clever piece of 'robot' software.  You give it a blog, a niche keyword or two and you press a button.  It will go and grab content from a choice of sources, change the content so its unique and won't get discounted by the search engines, and finally it posts that content to your blog and can schedule future posts so your blogs automatically update every day.

The search engines freakin love this!

And just look at how easy the software is to use.  Below is a screen shot of the most ONLY screen in the entire system.  Just tell it the blog url and its login details, the niche keyword(s), how many posts to create and which source to use.  Then tell it how frequently apart to make the posts and whether you want to spin the content or not.

Then just push a button and sit back and let it get on with it!

The bottom line is this: There is money in small, niche monetized blogs...


Only if you do it right.

Auto-blogging is a numbers game. You put as many auto-blogs out there on a range of niche topics and monetize them.

This being the case, why do all the other auto-blogging tools out there take so much time and effort to set-up and use?

WARNING:  Do NOT Buy Any Auto Blogging System That Does Not Meet ALL of The Following Criteria...

Check Out These Power Features...

  • Works with WordPress and
  • Pull Content from Four Online sources as well as from local PLR content.
  • Built in Free spinner that can spin the title and/or body.
  • Optional integration with Spin Rewriter (just enable and provide your Spin Rewriter account details).
  • Full Decaptcha support using your choice of three services.
  • Hot Keyword Tagging - Find the best tags for your posts by carrying out keyword research.
  • No proxies necessary!  We've totally eliminated the need for HMA or proxy scraping, both of which were slow and unreliable.
  • Randomizes post times so they look like a real person posted them.
  • CashLinks option automatically hyperlinks hot keywords and phrases with your money links.
  • Created back-dated posts to quickly populate a new blog
  • Newbie Friendly - Just fill in the gaps and hit a button, this really is push-button simple.
  • Works with 32bit and 64bit editions of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and we've even test run it on Windows 8 beta.

How to make money with Super Auto Blogger...

  • Create blogs for yourself that are loaded with links (automatic thanks to our cashlinks feature) back to your money sites or directly to affiliate products that you earn commissions on.
  • Create these traffic monsters for clients to drive traffic to their sites.
  • Offer a blog creation service on outsourcing sites.  You can even profit from making blogs on that don't cost you a dime to set up.
  • Create affiliate link packed autoblogs and sell them on or other site selling sites.
  • Preload your blogs with great content in super-quick time before monetizing them in other ways.
  • Create content rich blogs and load them up with Adsense or other advertising banners that put cash in your pocket.

Let's Take a Peek at What You Get When You Order Now...

The Super Auto Blogger Software

This is the core part of the system, it is the incredible 'bot' software that does all the hard work.  This software has been developed over the past six months and fine tuned to do its job perfectly. Not only is the Super Auto Blogger Software super-easy to use, it also has the following power features:

  • Power Feature #1 - Automatic Cash Links   You can easily set up a list of keywords that Super Auto Blogger will automatically put hyperlinks on that can earn you money. Set it so that every time a product name is  mentioned it adds your affiliate link, set it so that any mention of links with your affiliate link.All this is done on the fly as Super Auto Blogger posts.
  • Power Feature #2 - Totally Unique Spun Content.  Using the Spin Rewriter, no two copies of Super Auto Blogger produce the same content.  Even if someone else scrapes the exact same content as you  for a blog based on the exact same keywords, both blogs  will remain unique . This is because of the clever way we have integrated the spinner.
  • Power Feature #3 - It's hands-off, automatic!    Fill in the appropriate boxes to tell Super Auto Blogger about your site and where you want to pull content from and click a button - your job is done ! Minimise it and continue with your other work. We could not make it easier or quicker!
  • Power Feature #4 - Automatic Decaptcher Solving Support.  There are a few sites that we work with (including if you make a large number of posts) that ask for verification that you are a human with one of those pesky "captcha" boxes (you know the ones where two badly written words need to be typed into a box).  Super Auto Blogger works with the three leading auto-decaptcha solving services (decaptcher, bypass captcha, death by captcha) so those pesky word tests can be handled for you.
  • Power Feature #5 - Automatic content scraping.    Unlike other systems out there that can only import PLR content, Super Auto Blogger can scrape data from one of four content rich sites.  Of course it can handle and spin PLR content as well because this software covers all the bases.
  • Power Feature #6 - Hottest Keywords as Tags.  When you run Super Auto Blogger it takes the requested keyword and does instant keyword research to generate a list of the most searched for related keywords and then randomly drops these in as tags on your post (three tags per post).  Deciding what tags to use has always been a painful manual process - but we've automated that too!

Over 4000 Niche PLR Articles.

Although Super Auto Blogger can pull content from a range of sources, one of the quickest ways to get an Auto Blog loaded up is to give it a bunch of PLR articles and let it spin and post them.

To kick start your auto-blogging career you're also getting over 4,000 high quality articles.  This massive collection covering over 200 different niches sells on its own for $47 but is included as part of this package so you won't have to go hunting for PLR articles yourself

The Blogging Cash System Report.

This fifty page, "speed-read" guide book sells on its own for $47 but we have included it as part of the Super Auto Blogger package because its full of useful tips, tricks and ideas and will give you a solid grounding in using blogs togenerate cash for you.

Link up the step by step system presented here with the Super Auto Blogger software and you will build an unstoppable army of cash sucking blogs .

This book will fill in the gaps and show you what you need to know quickly and effectively.

For instance, this book covers how to find profitable niches suitable for building monetized auto-blogs for.

Here's a taste of what you'll get:

  • Over The Shoulder Training.  The 'Blogging Cash system' Guidebook will show you exactly how to make money using the power of blogging. Just follow the simple step-by-step processand strategies outlined in the guide and you will begin to succeed and profit!
  • Low Cost / No Cost strategies.  Each of the strategies  revealed in the Blogging Cash System require very little or no cost to do.  That means that if you don't already have the tools needed for blogging, I will show you where to  get them for the best price!
  • Techie Free Implementation.  There are tons of courses and eBooks out there that do nothing but confuse the heck out of you and make it seem difficult to create blogs for profit.  This course is so easy to follow that     someone completely new to the Internet could do it,  even a high school student!

Compared to any other Blogging Courses out there, 'Blogging Cash System' is the only system that has been proven to replace your day job.

Sure, you can find all sorts of books, articles, and how-to guides out there that claim to teach you how to create profitable blogs.

But the methods found in the Blogging Cash System Course gives you the power to instantly start creating profitable blogs quickly and easily and combine them with powerful internet marketing techniques to generate big profits!

In this concise, no fluff or filler guide you're going to discover:

  • How to find profitable niches.  How to quicky research  niches and decide if they are viable.  How to research keywords in super-fast time.  Follow this and avoid wasting time making blogs that don't pull in the cash.
  • How to set up the blogs.  Remote Hosted vs. Self-Hosted Blogs.  How to install WordPress.  How to optimize WordPress.  Setting up a domaina and hosting.
  • Generating Quality Content.  Because this book was written to cover cash blogging in general there are a couple of pages that won't be relevant to pure auto-blogging, but everything explained is useful to know and this section discusses how to create good content, using PLR content, and adding video to your blog.
  • The Best Ways to Monetize your Blog.  Not only does  this course show you how to optimize your blog, it also  makes sure you are left in no doubt about how to monetize your blog.  You'll be shown how to profit from Adsense, affiliate links and more.
  • Traffic Generation Secrets.  Once you've built your army of blogs you'll want to make sure they get found.  This section of the course covers a number of quick and effective ways to make sure people land on your blog so  that your links get clicked and you make money!

This cash-blogging guide leaves no stone unturned.  Couple this with thepowerful Super Auto Blogger software and you'll be turning out winning blogs AUTOMATICALLY in no time.

In Other Words... You're Getting A Complete Kit... At An Incredible Low Price...

As you can see, we're not leaving anything to chance here.  Not only are you getting the best autoblogging software solution, but you also get everything you need to kick start your way to autoblogging success from content to training. 

Best of all you get EVERYTHING detailed above for just...

$247 $197 $97

Just $67!

Super Auto Blogger software Version 5

No OTOs - No Upsells - You get Everything for the Price You See!

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Now you can test drive our product for a full thirty days with NO RISK!

If you think that our product is useless for you, simply contact our support desk, and will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!

Look At Your Watch!

In ten minutes from now you could have downloaded your own copy of Super Auto Blogger and could have already set it creating your first money making autoblog!

It really is that easy to use.

Don't miss this opportunity.  The special price of $67 is for a limited time only.

Super Auto Blogger software Version 5

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